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posted on: Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Certainly my husband can't hold out much longer on depriving us of a Christmas tree, right? My Instagram feed is chuck full of ornaments, beautiful trees, stockings, and neatly wrapped gifts--John said until December 1st hits our house will remain Christmas-free. #dreamkiller It just means that during my down time I will be DIYing myself into a Christmas spirit frenzy. 

what's your opinion on real vs. fake tree? Farm bought vs. cut from the mountains tree? Any inspiration on what direction I should take this year would be helpful. Keep in mind I have Brecken who is prone to climbing/grabbing/ripping/pulling/tugging. You know--the "usual" for a three-year-old.

Three things I am loving about winter:

one//I just bought this beanie {in white} and a cowl similar to this one. Definitely worth every stinking penny

two//as soon as this lovely comes back in stock I am getting it for the little miss.

three//Brecken may be getting this boy-ish cardigan in every color


  1. Just the front door!!!!! Holy Merry Christmas to me, Batman! I think I just peed a little.

  2. Look I was so excited I typed 'just' instead of 'shut'. LOL

  3. Newest follower I found you on pinterest with a link back to your tissue paper trees love your work am going to read back through your blog.
    Regards Shirley

  4. I'm wondering where you got your iPhone case?!? I NEED it!! ;)


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