posted on: Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I had every intention of chronicling our Thanksgiving with pictures of the turkey, pies, amazing table arrangements, basically the whole fiasco from start to finish. But after a series of unfortunate events and forgetting my camera's SD card at home the only pictures that were snapped involved Kelty's hideous Thanksgiving sweater (#classy), brief moments of the kids playing with family and Brecken's trip to the emergency room.  

He decided that the best way to kick-off the Thanksgiving weekend involved having an asthma attack at two in the morning. He was the hit of the ER--telling stories, laughing hysterically, making jokes.  If we weren't so tired it may have been funny... after the early morning visit to the hospital John cracked out his inner Martha Stewart and proceeded to fry the eleven pound beast of a turkey. Have you tried fried turkey? It's sinful. Then his brother decided to feed the whole crew smoked turkey the next day as well. The proceeding days were kind of blurry due to our turkey coma...


  1. I'm so glad that your ER trip was just an asthma attack and nothing worse, also I'm dying because as I type this my face in a mirror taking a picture is grinning at me as the first post in the "you might also like" trio!


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