The Great Christmas Tree Adventure

posted on: Monday, December 3, 2012

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In the six years that John and I have been together we've developed a knack for picking out the trademark Charlie Brown Christmas tree. {It really is a fine science if I do say so myself}. Take the year our tree only had branches on one side, or last year's tree which had height on it's side but lacked substance in the needle area, it then proceeded to get blown over while we rested it against the house--which left us scrambling at the last minute to find a new tree. So our weary bones ventured to Home Depot where we picked through the last-of-last hoping that the perfect tree was somehow hidden amongst the needless/crooked/branch-less trees. But to no avail, we again were left with a tree that managed to loose most of it's needle on the short jaunt home. 

This year I vowed to find the perfect tree. You know the one, plump and full, perfectly symmetrical, branches sturdy and strong for the heaviest of ornaments, maybe a few pine cones {I'm dreaming, right}? Fate seemed to be on my side, early Saturday morning the first round of Christmas trees were delivered to our local grocery store and within minutes I pulled John and the littles out the door to retrieve my vision before it was snatched up by another eager Christmas tree adventurist.

So we looked and scoured and John remarked that it just seemed too easy. After poking and prodding we finally decided that Christmas wouldn't be the same unless we went to cut our own tree. so we set out on an adventure and this year's recipient seemed like a match made in heaven--a little sparse, slightly tilted, and missing branches here-and-there. Charlie Brown would be proud.


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