Oh baby boy...

posted on: Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I knew that the day would come where my behavior would be a reflection of my son's actions. I honestly didn't think it would happen so quickly! Just the other day Brecken picked up a old fisher-price camera and with a swoop of his hand he lifted the camera to his face explaining, "Hold still! Move your hand! Smile!" Astonished I played along--all the while trying not to laugh at how my behavior must look like to him when I take pictures. Occasionally, the picture taking would cease while he would "check" his shots.  Being unsatisfied, he would tell me to hold still again and again until he got the perfect "picture."  After losing interest in his Momma he moved onto Addy who wasn't the best model, her urge to try to eat the camera was too much for him to handle. After finally succumbing to Brecken's new found hobby John also had to pose for his pictures too. Thank you baby boy for continually reminding me that I need to double check my actions each morning. 


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