{Tutorial Tuesday} boutique fabric wipes case

posted on: Tuesday, October 12, 2010

 I love going into boutiques. Clothing boutiques, baby boutiques--you name it, I have been there. The only, I mean only, thing that I don't like about boutiques is the price. One of my favorite boutiques is a baby store that specializes in handmade products. When I go there I like to look at are all the different wipes cases (weird I know)...they are always so cute and colorful. BUT the price of a boutique wipes case...hello! I could buy a new house. O.K. maybe not a house, but you get my point.

 So here is a tutorial of how to make you own wipes case for under $10 dollars. That's right, you can be a "blingin'-super fly-stylish" momo for less then $10 dollars.                                     

For this project your cast of characters will include:
*Two different prints of fabric. I used fat quarters.
*Batting. You only need enough to cover the top of the case. You can pick it up at any crafting store
*You will also need a glue gun and a sewing machine is optional.


First, take your batting and glue it to the top of the wipes case.

While the hot glue is drying, cut out two pieces of fabric that will cover both sides of the diaper case. Since I make so many of these I actually made a pattern. that way I don't have to worry about the fabric piece being too small of too large for the case.


Here is where the sewing machine comes into play. I really like to embellish the tops of the wipes cases, sometimes I will glue some bling-bling to the top, but in this case I decided to sew a cute ruffle to the top. I used a 15.5"x2" piece of glue dotted fabric.

To make the ruffle I ironed the edges over, and then I ironed ruffles by folding the fabric. Once I finished I then sewed the ruffle to one of the brown pieces.

 When it came to glueing the brown pieces to the case I made sure to only glue around the edges and not directly on the flat surfaces of the case. Why? Because if you glue directly to the flat surface you will be able to feel the glue after it dries.  

When the glue  finally dried I then used a coordinating ribbon (3/8") to cover the fabric edges.

WaLah! Stylish and trendy--without having to starve your family for an entire week to purchase one at a boutique!




  1. Aaaarrghhhh!!!!!!! I just tried to post this really sweet, nice comment and it closed on me. DIE, COMMENT BOX, DIE. (That was a little harsh) But, I'm loving all the new posts. Especially today's. I would write a longer comment, but I just did and it deleted it so I will comment later. Huggings!

  2. Yours is WAY cuter than the other one!!! =)

  3. I've seen tons of these around but I love your take on it. The ruffle is so fun! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. I have one of these that I just might have to recover. :)


  4. super cute...thanks for the tutorial! i'm definitely going to spruce up my wipes case!


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