{Funky Find Friday} Chinese takeout boxes and owls

posted on: Friday, October 22, 2010

My little punk turns one next week. I have been planning his party for months and today when I got the mail I had a nice white envelope from the Justice Department waiting for me. I knew what it was even before I opened it. Yes folks, I am being called to jury duty on Punk's birthday. lame. This is probably one of the only times I wished I wasn't a dutiful and diligent citizen.

The day before Hunk and I got married I was in this sweet kitchen store in Salt Lake where they sell tons of bulk items at ridiculously cheap prices. I saw chinese boxes. I wanted the chinese boxes. I had to have the chinese boxes...even though they were in a package of 100. I bought two bags of boxes.

Fast forward four years later. I still have 137 chinese boxes left. I have however used 63 boxes. They are great for providing a unique touch to any gift. I have been using them to deliver cookies to neighbors, giving left over party favors to guests, and they have come in handy as great  Christmas boxes for jewelry and nic-nacs. You are just going to have to wait and see what they will be used for at the party though...sorry.

However, I will give you a tiny sneek peek into his day-of-birth bash.

Punk's party will not only feature chinese boxes but there will also be a large assortment of owls...everywhere.  It's gonna rock. See the invitations? Aren't they cute?

 The best part about the invitations is that I cut up grocery bags, sewed the sides together, and made a nice little envelope for each owl invite.

 Now, I have piles of chinese boxes and paper bag envelopes laying around the house.

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