{Punk's Birthday} in six days!

posted on: Saturday, October 30, 2010

It is funny to think that this time last year I was laying in a hospital bed thinking about how much I just wanted to be home, how I didn't want to have an IV in my arm, and how badly I wanted to be able to just WALK around the hospital. I felt idiotic when Hunk had to wheel me through the hospital in a wheel chair, but now I know that my complaining then would only be "chump change" for what was about to happen.

This is Punk when he was born. He was tiny, very tiny. And, well, he was very early too. 

It is crazy to think that his little body survived, but he did and he is here to stay.

Over the next week I will unfolding the whole story of how this little guy made it and what we learned as new parents. I will also be unfolding piece-by-piece my plan for his sweet 1st birthday! I figure that because we didn't get to really enjoy his birth (I hear it is the most amazing time in a parent's life) that we will have one smashin' birthday party to make up for it. Believe me...it is gonna be a HOOOOOOOT!

And who knows, maybe you will all get to see a video or two of this sweet little boy!



  1. Hey I'm with you on the whole not experiencing the "greatest moment in a mother and fathers life" :) I'm excited to see this AWESOME birthday celebration unfold!

  2. What a precious little guy! Both of my babies were preemies (30 weeks, 3lb 4oz) and (31 weeks, 4lb 10 oz), so the NICU pics are all too familiar. Glad he's doing well!

  3. I am looking forward to it! What a little Blessing! And have I ever told you how dang cute he is? CUTE!

  4. Your blog is amazing. I love all your ideas. They are very inspiring. I will be getting a sewing machine for my birthday and I cannot wait and try a few of your tutorials. Your babies story touched me deeply. My little baby girl Ava was born with a tumor in her liver and we had the same hospital experience you did and come this April we will be celebrating her 1st birthday bash. Thank you for sharing your story


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