{Tutorial Tuesday} 15 minute canvas art project

posted on: Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Yesterday was a stressful day. Punk is getting tubes in his ears next week and he has had a chronic ear infection. A combination of no sleep, fussy baby, birthday preparation, and work has led to me being late on posting the Tutorial Tuesday.

But alas, I did it at 7 this morning. So please don't judge the quality of my pictures.

So the other day I gave you a sneak peek at punk's room. Remember? If you don't go here.

I don't have a tutorial for the owl canvas' but I did paint another one this morning. This one is going in my guest bathroom.

I've said time and time again that I like projects that are easy and that don't take up too much time. This is one of those projects.

Didn't it  turn out nice? I think so too.

So for this project your cast of characters will include:
*scrapbooking paper
*mod podge

 As you can see I didn't use just one color to paint with, I blended a few colors and came up with this awesome aqua/turquoise/sky blue color.

Fast forward.

NOW, skip to step 4. After I arranged the pieces of scrapbook paper on the canvas I then mod podge the back of each piece and then attached each one on the canvas. IMPORTANT: start from the top and work down, if not, you may end up have a gap between the top leaf and the leaves on the side.

Once you have mod podged the leaves let them dry.

Then mod podge a quick layer of goo over the ENTIRE canvas. Why? Because if not you will see where you have mod podged, by covering the entire canvas you give it kind of a glossy finish.

Then let dry again, and WaLaHHHHH!

Simple. Easy. 15 minute project.

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  1. I soooo need to do this!!! I have a big bare wall in my living room that needs a bigger version of this project. :)

  2. new follower.. please follow back

  3. 15 minutes...minimal 'stuff'...my kinda project! I think I'm going to make up something like this to cheer up my house after I take down the Christmas decorations in January. (I don't have them up yet, of course--my house is wall-to-wall Turkeys, LOL!)
    BTW, the pictures are fine. And boo on anyone who'd judge, especially when you've got a sick little one. I hope the tubes help Punk to feel better!

  4. Super Cute!


  5. This is awesome. I'd like to do one with starfish and sandollars. Thanks for a great, easy tute!

  6. I love those colors. Those blues are gorgeous!

  7. This is great. I have been wanting to do something like it with flowers.


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