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posted on: Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sooo, I am in Denver right now. Long story, but we decided late last night we needed a trip. Two tickets later we are now here visiting one of Hunk's older brothers.

Anywayssssss, I want to introduce you to this fantastic blog called Creative Mommas. Let me just say that Dacia and Chelsea are not only super adorable, but they have this super cute blog.

Check 'um out and give 'um some lovin'...
We are sisters that love to create! We both had our own personal blogs, but our projects were taking those over. So, we decided to start a blog together and share everything that we create! We love to make things more beautiful, inspire, share our talents, and learn from you all along the way. We do all things, paper and fabric crafts, decor, sewing clothes, making accesories, planning parties, refashioning, repurposing and sometimes breaking out the drill and hammer. We try most anything and most times it works, but sometimes it fails. We love the blogging world and how it's inspired us and given us a chance to improve our skills. Now, we want to share with everyone else. Come check us out at Creative Mommas!!!!

Now for our tutorial......

These are some burp cloths and a wipe case that we made for a friend.

Here is another set that also has a nursing cover, a changing pad, and an embellished bag.
Here is a tutorial for covering a wipe case.
Supplies Needed
1. Huggies Diaper Wipe Case
2. fabric enough for 2 pieces approx. 10 in. x 6 in. and 1 piece approx. 12 in. x 2 in.
3. About 3 ft of trim
4. Batting enough for 2 pieces approx. 10 in. x 6 in.
5. A piece of ribbon approx. 10 in.
6. A Cute Button for embellishment or whatever else you want to use
7. Scissors
8. Hot glue Gun
1. Trace the top and bottom of the wipe case on the wrong side of fabric leaving extra space all around. ( that's for folding down on the sides)
2. Trace the top and the bottom of the wipe case on the batting. (You can trace right against the wipe cover, you don't need extra for the sides.)
3. Glue the batting to the top and the bottom of wipe case.

4. Glue the fabric to the top and bottom of the wipe case. Fold the extra down on the sides and glue those too.
5. Take your ribbon and measure it the length on the top of the wipe case. (Leave a little extra on the sides so you can glue the edges down.) Glue to the top of the wipe case.
6. If you have any extra ribbon or fabric hanging over the edges. make sure to trim it.
7. Take your trim and make sure it's long enough to wrap around the 3 sides of the top and the 3 sides of the bottom. You don't need any trim for the "spine" if you will.
If there is enough length, start at the spine and glue just a little there and then start wrapping around the edges of the top. Glue a little at a time.
Then do the same for the bottom edges.
This is what it should look like.
8. Measure the length of the spine and add an inch. Measure the width of the spine and add an inch. Cut a strip of fabric those dimensions. It should be about 12 in. x 2 in. You just need enough to fold under the edges of the strip of fabric. 9. Fold over one edge. Glue it.
10. Fold over the other edge making sure your strip of fabric is wide enough to cover the spine of the wipe case. Then glue it. Do the same thing with the top and bottom of the strip.
11. Glue it to the spine making sure to cover the beginnings and endings of the trim.
12. Last, you add the button. Decide where you want it to be and then cut out a little hole in the ribbon and the batting for the back of the button to sit in. Then glue it in.
And you're done!
This is what we're giving away. A Wipe Case and a set of 3 coordinating burp cloths.
Thanks for letting us stop by and check out the store for more burp cloths and other baby things.


What an awesome tutorial! I just love cute baby stuff...and believe me, I have a lot of baby junk.

Do you want more baby junk too?

 Well, head on over to Creative Mommas Etsy Page and check out their amazing products.

And right now they have a discount of 15% off at their store, but all Spunky Junky readers get an extra 5% off on top of that!!!!
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  1. What a {great} tutorial! I'm gonna have to give it a try. Gotta check out the Etsy shop now... ✿

  2. I am so gonna have to see about whipping one of these up!!!!

  3. there's already a 15% off sale going on, but with the promo, you get an extra 5% off!

  4. Giveaway details are listed on our blog if you want more information :)


    Thanks for the post Spunky Junky!! Love your blog!!

  5. Oh I love this idea, so creative!

  6. Guess what! I know her! We went to dental school with Chelsea. She is one of my absolute favorite people! (this should entitle me to at least 25% off.....haha)
    She was my downstairs neighbor for 3 years and she would whip up the cutest stuff.


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