This makes me smile on a cloudy Sunday afternoon...

posted on: Sunday, January 23, 2011

Raising Punk has been the most exciting and greatest adventure of my life. When I think back to days before Punk there are a few things I miss, but for the majority of the time I am completely fine with the burped stained clothes, piles of toys, and constant repeat of disney movies. When it comes to raising our little man, Hunk and I have different ideas of what it means to parent and I am fine with our differences too. I believe that our differences is what helps us to be the best parents possible for Punk.

I am more of the school learner type. I love to sit Punk down and play with blocks, look at books, and practice the few words he knows.

Hunk, on the other hand, likes to provide Punk with real world experience.

Last summer Hunk offered to babysit.  

Then last night he offered to watch Hunk while I did laundry. Hunk also believes that since he has conquered every song on Rockband he is a legit. He actually refers to himself as a drummer. This is his idea of watching Punk as well.

Even though I joke around about all the silly things Hunk will do with my baby I actually cherish these moments. I feel so blessed to have a husband who wants to include his son in everything that he enjoys. I know Punk will grow up to love football and basketball, I know he will spend endless hours on the lake ice fishing, and countless nights in the summer fishing the rivers. I know that Punk will have a deep passion for the outdoors and I know that more then anything he will have his father's deep and passionate desire for the gospel.
I love my Hunk and I love his unorthodox parenting style.

P.S. Hunk is also tech savvy, I am not.
I just got a new phone and he said I will not use it to it's potential. I will prove him wrong.


  1. Awww very sweet post.

    Out hopping, come by Lucy's when you get a chance.

  2. Those photos are priceless! And my husband "babysits" in the same ways!


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