{My House Monday} I Kinda Like Green Doors....

posted on: Monday, February 28, 2011

So yeah, our house is full of a lot of green doors. Every door to be exact. Wait--minus our front door, it's not green , it is wood and brown, and Hunk said, "NO, we will not have a green front door!"...boooorrriiinng.

Our builder, who is a fantastically (is that a word) awesome guy asked us if we would be interested in painting ALL our doors. He thought we would be a fun experiment. haha. So we I said, "YEAH!" And ya'll know how much I love green so I figured I would go with a more subdued color.

Hunk 'bout had the heart attack when he saw my beauties for the first time. really. a. heart. attack. I mean who wouldn't want a couple green doors in their house?

I think they are kinda spunky....

Want to give your hubs a heart attack? Well, go pick up a can of Sherwin Williams Semi-Gloss Ryegrass.

That will do the trick.


  1. Those green doors are beautiful! I'm moving into a new home soon and would love to have colored doors.

  2. well, that might be worth giving the hubs a heart attack because that green door is fabulous!

  3. My husband always wishes he'd made our contractor put in wood colored trim and door & window frames. He talked us into the plain white and it's so boring. I love your green doors. It adds color and personality!

  4. I love that green door. I know what you mean about those rules of convention. We wanted to paint all of our ceilings the same colour as the walls in each room and our contractor nearly passed out. We did it and it looks fabulous!

  5. Um, I LOVE everything about that space! It just so happens that green is my favorite color. BEAUTIFUL!


  6. I am all about greens and blues! I love the idea of painting the doors.

  7. Too funny! I did this to my hubby, only I painted the front door red! I love it!

  8. I love green and that shade of green is perfect. I bet all of the doors look amazing!

  9. I love your green door. I think it's the wood trim that made it stand out even more. Likewise, the door blended well with the rye grass and the lamp shade. It created a soothing ambiance. Looking at the photo makes me feel like I'm so close to nature. :)


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