{My House Mondays}Sneak Peek at the Good ole Master Thrown Room

posted on: Monday, February 21, 2011

So Punk threw up on me last night. Projectile style. Then he threw up again and he got a direct hit on a fresh pile of clean clothes. awesome.  So let's just say that my house is kind of resembling Hoarders today.

I also am camera-less today. Sister #3, Kelty, took my trusty Nikon to shoot engagement photos of Sister #2, Kambrie, and her strapping green bean beau. Camera is still MIA, along with sisters, so I am rekindling an old friendship with my Cybershot today. It really is an epic friendship.

So there are a few new things in the mix right now. First, I am almost done with the master bathroom which I am pretty excited to show off. I just need to finish a few touches, dust a few shelves and then I should be da-da-da-daaaaa ne!

I also promised you a tutorial of this platter last week, right? Believe, I heard all about it from Kambrie, "You promised to post a tutorial, and you didn't , and I was mad, and blah, blah, blah..." She rambles a bit, but I still love her. Anyway, I did promise and I am sorry, I am actually trying to finish another piece to go with it so I can take pictures of the final product together.

I, Halsey, solemly promise to post it tomorrow (that's for you Kam).

In other exciting news I am one of the 12 finalists participating in a cute competition called One Month to Win It

Over the next month the 12 participants will compete against each other based on challenges created by the judges. Every week three contestants will be eliminated. AND YOU the readers get the chance to vote on the projects you like most!
The first week's challenge is, "Trash to Treasure -- at least 1/2 of your project must be from the thrift store, trash, or curbside treasure." Awesome, huh? This challenge is totally up my alley and I already have some pretty sweet ideas!

Sooo, I would love it if you would all come check it out! The voting will begin on March 7th and it will end March 9th!


  1. Can you come decorate MY place? Seriously, you have some skills!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with for Challenge #1. We'll be rooting for you!


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