Hello Cupcake!

posted on: Monday, April 18, 2011

 Cupcakes are baked with some kind of magic. Don't you agree?

When I am offered a piece of cake I can easily say, "no." A cupcake though, is a different story.  I just can't resist the soft chewy goodness of a cupcake.

Since Easter is closing in I decided to make a cutesy cupcake stand for my fluffy white creations. 

 For those of you that check out Target's seasonal items you may have seen these plates. Target also carries these plates in an already arranged cupcake stand. Their stand costs $17.00, mine stand was about $12.00 cheaper. true story.  

2 coordinating plates from Target
1 Better Homes and Garden turquoise plate from Walmart
2 random candle stick holders from the thrift store
1 ceramic bird that has never found a proper home until now.
Watermelon Krylon spray paint

I ended up spray painting the ceramic bird and candle stick holders with Krylon Watermelon spray paint. Isn't the color great?

I then used E6000 to glue them to the plates.

As for my cupcake recipe. I used a box, and a container.  


Now, that you have picked yourself up off the floor I will fill you in on my little secret. I used a Betty Crocker White Cake Mix(no yokes), Betty Crocker Whipped White Frosting, and 4 little squirts of yellow food coloring.

I also took off the wrappers because I think the cupcakes look cuter without them.

Just my personal preference...

Here is where I am partying...



  1. Absolutely adorable. That pink bird just puts it over the top ADORABLE!

  2. i am LOVING this.. i am struggling to find some of those candle holders at the thrift store here & then i'm totally recreating this. adorable. xox

  3. I have been looking for a stand for so long but havent found any that are worth buying. I LOVE this! I will definetly ben making this soon!

  4. This is absolutely adorable and the cupcakes look yummy.

  5. This is awesome. I loved these plates when I saw them at Target. Way to go!
    www.itsybitsypaper log.com

  6. Fantastic!! I too saw these at Target and now wish I had grabbed them . . . hmmm. . . maybe they're still there! Great job putting all of these pieces together!

  7. I finally made mine. I didn't realize I bought the same kind of plates as you... weird.


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