Cinco De Mayo and a little bit of Tangled...

posted on: Thursday, May 5, 2011

Have you seen Tangled yet? Hill-arious, right?
That horse cracks me up.
And that smolder look that Flynn Rider whips out, funny huh?
Well, I have some sad news for ya.

He copied it...from this guy.

But that's okay, it was still a great movie! Cheer up friends, even though Flynn is a thief...and a copycat there is much to celebrate today!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I have actually only celebrated the blessed 5th day of May once.....
...and it happened to be while I was studying abroad in Russia.

Not really a big holiday there, not sure why? hmmm.
But these guys sure knew how to party like it was 1995.

Ay Caramba! 

So whip out those party pants, turn on some Reggaeton, down yourself a (virgin) margarita, and help celebrate Mexico's independence day with style!



  1. Tangled was such a cute/funny movie. I have two boys so my husband wasn't thrilled when I rented it for them. After I finally got him to watch it he admitted it was funny too!

  2. LOL oh no, here comes and goes the smolder... too funny! u crack me up!

  3. Those are some niiiiice orange jumpsuits those guys are sportin'! And my kids LOVED Tangled...even my 12 year old boy! Now goin' to have that (virgin) margarita!


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