Leather Bow Headband TUTORIAL

posted on: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Morning all!

I hope where ever you may be that the sunny is shining and the birds are singing. Wow, that sounded corny.

Anyway ;)

Today I want to show a simple tutorial for a rather simple headband.
 See? Simple even with my not so good picture.
For this project you will need a long scrap of leather (I got mine from my Dad's saddle shop), but I am sure you can find scap leather at Johann's, Hobby Lobby, Roberts, Michaels, or even Tandy Leather Supply.

You will also need fold over elastic (FOE) which can also be purchased at any craft store.

Finally, you will need scissors, a sewing machine, and a glue gun.

 I already gave you the dimensions for all your pieces so lets get to work on making the bow.

1. Take the 1''x5'' piece and fold it in half. On the "half" crease put a dab of glue, then fold the two ends over onto the glue. And voila, the bow is formed.

2/3. Take the 1''x4'' piece and cut the ends so it looks all pretty and such.
Then find the center and put a dab of glue. Take the bow that you made in the first step and now put it on top of the dab of glue.

4. Now take the small skinny piece and wrap it around the center to create the "knot" of the bow. Make sure to pull it tight so it begins to gather in the back, this will help to give more dimension to the leather bow.  
 While the bow dries take the long leather piece and the piece of FOE and sew them together. Note: I made mine length to fit my head, you may adjust the length as needed.

Also, make sure to make the long leather piece a little smaller then the actual size of your head because you will want the elastic sewn in so that the headband may be adjustable in size.  

Hopefully that made sense...
 Now that the bow is dry it can now be glued it to the headband. I off-centered it so it the elastic would be under my hair and the bow would be off to the side.

I promised it would be simple.

This project would be great for little girls too!

So grab your glue glue and make some magic happen....

(was that corny too)? 
Enjoy my friends!~

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  1. Oooh! I like it! Now you need to make me one! Yay for sisters that can sew and are all crafty and stuff!

  2. That is SO very cute! And it looks stunning on you!


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