Build your own babysitter...

posted on: Monday, June 13, 2011

Punk was meant to be a California baby.

My guy loves the sun, he loves the grass, he loves eating the bugs, he loves running down the sidewalk, he loves the park, he loves the sun, he loves the taste of popsicles, and he loves being naked while running around the lawn. errr. yeah.

 He just loves being outside.

Unfortunately, our backyard is a bare slate of green grass. That's it. Except for three uncovered window wells.

Shame on you Halsey! Shame!

For the last month or so, whenever we've gone out to play in the backyard Punk is naturally attracted to the open window wells because they are the only things to really see.

As much as I love my baby boy to use the window well as a basketball hoop I knew a change needed to occur.

After much pleading and maybe a few threats, Hunk finally gave in and built a sandbox for the wee little one.

It's basically the best babysitter ever....

Would you like your own babysitter?

Build your own babysitter:
2 1/2'' exterior screws
3- 2x12 that are 8" long.  *Make sure the boards are pre-treated
pond liner
man labor by manly men

Hunk started out by measuring out where the sandbox would go in the backyard. We wanted it to be 4"x8" this way he only had to cut one of the pre-treated boards in half. 

The pre-treated lumber is a must. If you buy just any ole' lumber then it will rot in the ground and that would mean no more backyard babysitter.  
He then dug down into the sod and pulled up the grass where the boards would be set in the ground. *He didn't pull up the grass in the middle of the box because it will eventually die off once the pond liner is set on top of it. 
Once he dug out where the box went, he then assembled the boards on a flat, hard surface. He used a carpenter's square to make sure each corner was even.
Punk thought he was also being very helpful....

 Once the box was assembled, it was then carried back over to the grass where it was set in the grooves that were created earlier.

Now for the trick. We used pond liner in the bottom of our sandbox because it is the best weed mat ever! Once the pond liner was put in place, Hunk then used the claw end of hammer to puncture holes in the bottom of the mat, because we want a sandbox--not a pool.


Then came the sand.

We chose a medium grade sand that I am sure you can get at almost any hardware store--and if you live in Bozeman there are 4800 FREE bags of sand at the Mormon Church...if you need them.

Once the box was almost half full the manly men then went around and stapled the pond liner to the box. Once it was stapled they cut off the excess liner and then filled the sandbox to the top.

Then Punk played and played and played.

Then when we made him get out of the sandbox, well, you get the picture....

Hope you enjoy!



  1. Cuter than cute pictures! And great project for a back yard lacking a beach. (Dang, I seem to have accidentally ended up with one of those.)

  2. That's awesome! Way to go Hunk!

  3. Adorable! Ive seen these sold for LOTS of $ :) My daughter would LOVE this!

  4. How fun! Your awesome pics make me want one!

  5. Çok güzel harika olmuş bende evimizin arka bahçesine oğlum için yaptırmak istiyorum.
    Sizin yaptığınızı Çok beğendim...

  6. what would you say you spent on supplies for this project?

  7. Even though I loved the project there’s something very important regarding the list of materials. Pre-treated pond liner is very toxic also carcinogenic.

  8. Even though I loved the project there’s something very important regarding the list of materials. Pre-treated pond liner is very toxic also carcinogenic.


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