Nifty Chinese Boxes

posted on: Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Good morning lovelies!
Sorry for being absent the last few days. I have been super swamped with orders as of recently. At the beginning of the summer I decided that I would do two farmer's markets a week, and now it is finally starting to take it's toll.

I feel so blessed that I am busy, but it also means that I don't have a lot of free time to create new tutorials. So, I promise there will be a few new and great tutorials coming very soon!


Last Friday I did a blog swap with Kim from Bugaboo, Mini, Mr. and Me.
 We decided that with each "swapped" tutorial we would come up with a "secret" ingredient that would be the main focus of our projects.
Pretty cool, huh?
Kim's  "secret ingredients" included: napkins, fabric, and/or paper.

As I began to let the creative juices flow my attention was drawn to a ream of one hundred chinese boxes that I purchased over four years ago.

They were an impulse buy. ;)

I've used a few of the boxes over the years for birthday party favors, christmas gift boxes, and as doggy bags after dinner parties.

However, I think they keep on breeding because I keep finding them stashed in closets and in dark corners around the house.

Now I've started to use them as gift boxes in my farmers market booth.

To design your own gift wrapped chinese boxes you will need:
Crinkle Shred Paper
Stamps and Ink
Chinese Boxes
tulle, fabric scraps, and ribbon
Embellishments of your choice ;)
I first stamped along the box using rubber stamps and my favorite ink pads.

Once the ink dried I then wrapped tulle around the boxes, attaching the tulle to sides using a glue gun.

Then I took ribbon and wrapped it over the top of the tulle.

Once the ribbon was in place I then attached fabric scraps and tickets to the box.

Finally, I wrapped bakers twine around the box to add some spunk to the gift boxes.
Then I placed crinkle shred paper and items from my shop inside each box!
Now surprise that special someone with a great gift that will hopefully last longer than Chinese takeout!

 And don't forget, later this week we will do another swap using my "secret" ingredient!

Wanna get a double dose of me today????

 Head on over to Angie's pad at The Country Chic Cottage to learn how to make your own Limetini Ice cream!



  1. cute! good way to utilize that impulse buy. I had one of those a few months back, encouraged by some box wine, lol. I'm working on using up the vintage sheets I bought by cutting them up and quilting with them! blogged here:

  2. Such a great idea! Those boxes are super cute and re-usable! Love it :)

  3. hey! I have been meaning to ask you where you get your big resin flowers? I have little ones that I use but i love the big ones. If it's a secret maybe you can e-mail me privately or something. later.


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