The dip

posted on: Sunday, August 21, 2011

 We did it.

We broke down and took (the first round) of family photos this weekend.

For some families this may be easy, for my family (WHOLE family) it involves a lot of chaos, screaming kids, googly faces, and yelling at each other to smile and keep our eyes open. 

It was epic, in a not so epic way. 

And to top it off we were racing against the clock--the sun was setting quicker then usual.  

I thought during all the chaos that it would be nice for Hunk and I to take a picture of us loving one another--just so we could prove to our kids someday that their parents were actually hot at one time.

I should have known this is when the real chaos would ensue...

Hunk hates taking pictures, I love being bossy, Hunk enjoys making me irritated, I enjoy taking pictures.

All culminating into an enjoyable picture taking experience.

narration of the photo process (for your enjoyment):

Me: "Kambrie where should we stand?"

 Hunk: "Is this really necessary to take photos, the kids are screaming?"
Me: "Yes, this is necessary just pose we are loosing light!"
 Hunk: "I don't know if I like being this close."
Me:  "I put on deodorant, so smile at the camera."
 Hunk: "Is this what you want?"
Me: "you are going to tip me over..FYI."
Kambrie: "Ugh, look AT the camera this is not 1985."
 Kambrie: "nice, but why don't you two actually pretend to hug each other."
 Hunk: "Is this what you mean by hugging?"
Whole Group: "John, no dipping! Do you remember your wedding?!"

 Hunk: "You told me to hug you."
Me: "Yeah, I told you to hug me, not attack me."
 Hunk: "Fine where do I put my hands?"
Me: "Really? We're not in high school."
 Hunk: "Seriously guys stop making fun of my dipping skills."
After 10 minutes of picture taking we finally got the winner... and I thought it was difficult to take pictures of Punk...



  1. I am cracking up right now! Shayne HATES taking pics and he's married to a photographer!

  2. Cute! The whole thing, and the final picture. I would never attempt this. Way to go.

  3. Oh I love it! And I thought these things only happened over at our place :)

  4. You made me laugh out loud! It was all worth it though, you got the picture that you will LOVE for years to come! Yay!

  5. Oh the last one! Makes your heart melt! So SWEET!

  6. Aww I love it, especially the narration. :-)

  7. i am seriously laughing out loud. i just love that dip...i totally showed nelson and he may or may not be making fun of your hunk next time they see each other..... ;)

  8. love it! and totally understand where you're coming from.... it's torture trying to take family pictures of your own family. My hubby & son never cooperate for me and I end up getting made & storming off screaming "we're never going to have nice family pictures!!!!' LOL


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