It's big and it's bulky...

posted on: Thursday, August 18, 2011

....and this is in no relation to my butt. Just so we all have that clear.
Little fact about me--I am not a list maker. I feel that in order to be a list maker I would actually have to check off  tasks.

I get distracted easily, that reminds me of this one time...


I do, however, write lists when I want a very unproductive day to feel like I have been a busy bee working to accomplish lots of tasks.

Roll out of bed: check
Stumble into the bathroom: check
Wipe off make-up from the night before: check
Close windows: check
Feed the Punk: check
Change his diaper: check
Brush teeth and hair: check
Change another diaper: check

Then at the end of the day I look back at all the checks and I feel so productive.

It's oh so gratifying, try it, I dare ya!

However, there are days when I have to actually write a list that requires me to get out my sweats and leave the house.

These tasks are usually the ones at the bottom on my to-do list that never get checked off for at least a month.

Today's list included all those big and bulky tasks that I had been avoiding for the past month.

One of the mandatory tasks included a haircut for the Punk.
I took him to a salon that specializes in cutting kids hair.
I needed a professional to tame the Donald Trump locks on his head. 

Not zesty my friends, not zesty. 
The ladies at Cowlicks were rockstars. He sat still for ten minutes.
Ten WHOLE minutes. I don't get that--I don't even get to enjoy a shower without him peeking his head in with a look that says, "What cha doin'?"

Yeah, they got him to sit still and be quiet.

It was heavenly.
And to top it off I got the stylist to take a picture of me with the newly clean cut Punk. Still not quite sure if I like this picture, my eye is wonky and the green wall looks like we should be getting ready to give the weather report for the 6 o'clock news.
This picture is very reminiscent of another picture...yeah, Hunk's turn is next.


And if you are wondering his shirt says, "Bears love people-they taste like chicken!"

Gotta love Montana!


  1. Let's forgot one thing on your list... call Jamie for a lunch date....! Ha Ha! Jamie

  2. Awwww little boys with mow hawks are the best!!!!

    - Sarah

  3. Lovely!! My girl do the same thing (the shower thing) I have no peace!!! :D


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