Little Man Birthday

posted on: Monday, November 7, 2011

So between my sister and I we took a million pictures at Punk's birthday-then I went and accidently deleted all but a few of them.

There were some cute ones.

I may have shed a tear or two.

Anyway, his birthday this year was more low key. I decided on a "Little Man" theme. Lots of grays, navy blues, bow ties, pendant banners, mustaches, and pizza.

I usually do a whole sha-bangin' dinner, but my party planning has been lacking the last few months so I had Domino's save the day. 

Aren't his cupcakes cute?
 The tootsie roll mustaches started to melt and loose their form a little, but Punk loved them-especially the next day when he climbed on the counter and ate 7 of them in one sitting.


More pictures to follow.

Thanks for stopping by friends.



  1. What a very sweet party! And I love the theme. :) Your little man is seriously the cutest!

  2. Love the bow ties and mustaches, they are too cute!

  3. aww he's so cute! I love the party idea too :D


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