Two Ten Minute Projects.

posted on: Tuesday, November 8, 2011

 In my mind I imagined that all of Brecken's birthdays would be full of balloons, bubbly clowns, lots of food, a candy buffet, and over the top party favors.

Now, the reality has set in that no two year old really cares what their party is like--really.

He was less interested in the presents, and more in awe of the balloons.

He could care less what he was fed, as long as I let him eat in peace without the camera in his face.

The wonderful party favors--he used then as chinese throwing stars to chuck at his cousins.

But I did what all good Mommas do. I still made things for his party because even if he may not care, I certainly do and will. forever. and. ever.
The pendant banner was simple.  It was one of the projects that I have made in the past and will probably make again and again because it is so simple.

For this project I cut out pendants using a rotary cutter and then I purchased Double Wide Bias Tape. "Double Wide" is important to know.

Once I pulled the tape out of the package I then laid my pendant pieces in between the two folded layers of the tape.

Pinned them in place.

Sewed down the bottom of the tape and voila.

Done in 10 minutes flat.

 For the next project I cut mustaches out of paper.

Once they were cut out  I sewed two of the mustaches together, making sure to keep a small space open to fill with candy.

Once all the mustache pouches were filled I then sewed them shut.
One rip later Punk was enjoying the joys of M&M's.

Want to make your own candy pouches? Check out these tutorials here and need for me to repeat history, right?

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  1. Love this idea! It looks so gorgeous hanging there! And I love a quick project. :)

  2. Punk looks like he is having a great time too! Looks like a fun party! And by the way, I love your chevron table! ~ Barbara

  3. The mustaches are genius!


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