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posted on: Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Isn't it funny that as mothers we are usually the ones behind the camera so are faces remain absent from most of the day-to-day family pictures?

It seems that way in our home, asking Hunk to take a picture is like asking him to whip up a creme brulee for dessert--it just doesn't happen.

Pic 1//IPad at the doctor's office. best babysitter in the world.
Pic 2//Hanging with my sisters at Big Sky Resort
Pic 3// Most amazing breadsticks in. the. world. at the Blue Moon Bakery.
Pic 4//Baby Daddy bonding time? hmmm...

 Pic 5//We eat lots of sprinkle-covered donuts.
Pic 6//Punk's method of choice is to eat just the frosting.

 Pic 7//Park time
Pic 8//Daddy time
Pic 9//All the newborn clothes are washed and folded.
Pic 10//Enjoying every minute I have left with Punk before my team of two becomes three.

We've been battling a bug around here and when that happens Punk transforms from a rough and tough two-year-old into a sweet and cuddly love bug. If only every day could be a sick day--he lets me rock his fever infested body, cuddle with him late at night, and scratch his weary head until his falls asleep in my arms. It's kind of like heaven for me, even though I am sure he would prefer to be running around the house.

With both boys sick and weary we have been laying low, while consuming large amounts of Vitamin C and Sour Patch Kids. Didn't you hear? Sour Patch Kids are the cure all for any sickness. :)

This afternoon we are going to take the plunge and go out into public. Today, I find out if the peanut is still in breech position--if that is the case she'll get manually turned around by the doctors later this week. Let's hope she figured it out on her own. 

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  1. now here is an old wives tale for you and your breech gal: try laying down with your bum and legs higher than your head with and ice pack between the boobs ;) and your belly.

    here's hoping!


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