Educational Apps (kinda)

posted on: Sunday, April 22, 2012

 So it's simple. I like free and I like cheap--not necessarily in that order and not when it comes to shoes, toilet paper, or diapers--might I add.

But I don't feel as though I should pay $4.99 for a children's IPad app, especially, when there are a plethora of free apps or apps for .99 cents that seem to be floating around out there.

Now, Brecken, as I would assume with most children love to play Angry Birds, or as he would say "chicky." I often succumb to his relentless torment and allow him to play it on occasion, but I've found he is also drawn to a number of fun learning or somewhat educational apps too.

Here's our faves:

1//abc lite lots of writing, word recognition, drawing, and sounds
2//abc alphabet phonics simple. teaches phonics. A+ in my book.
3//piano pals Is like a piano but you can change what the piano does--i.e. play music, learn animal sounds, numbers, and colors. It has a variety of scenarios that cost 1.99, but the barnyard scene is FREE.
4//I like books This app is a 1.99 but is totally worth it. There are over 39 books attached to this app--you have the option of having the IPad read it to your child, or the child can follow the highlighted words and read it themselves, OR they can simply read it on their own once they have reached that level.
5//coloring May be one of my favorites--this app is a coloring book with lots of pictures that can  be saved to your device.
6//Fisher Price shapes & colors learn shapes, learn colors, lots of noises (which can get annoying) but will entertain you child for hours.
7//Fisher Price lets count Learn how to count with catchy music, while also learning about animals.
8//abc phonics Kids will learn animal sounds, how to write, and trace letters through this fun app.
9//kids doodle May be one of the coolest apps ever--lots of drawing with fun color options that allow you to playback your fun creations.
10//read me stories lots and lots of sample books.

Those are just a few of my favorites, if you have a favorite app for you children I would love to know.

Hope your Sunday is going well! Let's me again, same time-same place, tomorrow?


  1. Hey Halsey you should try 123play it's free and teaches shapes and colors and how to draw shapes, shape puzzle is a good one too it has a giraffe with 123 on it and it's puzzles that teaches colors and objects and animals etc. PBS kids player is nice Mady can watch super why and dino train anywhere there is wifi she likes abc expedition too it's letters

  2. Awesome. I'm so going to look into these!

    - Sarah


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