Addison's birth: part three

posted on: Monday, June 11, 2012

No one can really prepare you for motherhood. Books and magazines can provide the how-to's, friends and family can give their "two cents," and society can tell you what's acceptable. But we all know that motherhood is one of those experiences that you just have to figure you out on your own--because when it comes down to it each child is different.

When Addison entered this world I thought I was equipped with all the knowledge I needed. I knew how to swaddle a baby in record breaking time, how to change a diaper one-handed, and how to cradle a baby back to sleep in a matter of seconds. And just in case the need were to arise, I knew how to use a nebulizer and administer medication for faltering lungs. 

However, no machines were needed to sustain her life, no medications were put in place to ease her pain, and no plane flights were set in motion to save her life. She was just perfect--with chubby little legs, squeaky little cries, and a mouth that could suck my chest off. But even with all of her perfections I was still not prepared for her. There were still late nights, early morning feedings, and postpartum blues. To be honest, I wasn't prepared for a newborn, because I had never raised a newborn. On that day God gave me something I wasn't expecting--he gave me a second chance.

He allowed me to experience the chance of holding a newborn baby, the opportunity to spend sleepless nights in the hospital feeding my little one, and the joy of walking out of the hospital with a tiny little bundle in tow,  a few things I never got to experience during my first birth, and for that I am thankful.

Even though pregnancy has been a challenging road for us, full of unexpected bumps and turns I have learned one valuable lesson. No matter how rough the journey may be there is always something worth finding at the end--and that may just be the two little bugs snuggled up next to me.

I wanted to personally thank you for your generous emails and thoughtful comments. I promise this is the last birth post (for at least nine months)...joking. Soon,  I will be returning back to my usual DIY posts and funny day-to-day posts of our lives!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Halsey, I LOVE the pictures you took of you and your daughter at the hospital! I'm glad you are all doing well and you got your 2nd chance to experience the "newborn" experience! Love reading your blog ;)

  2. I know I'm way late but I loved reading your birth story! Very few people understand the road of a hard pregnancy followed by months in a level 3 nicu!!! Our girls were given a 20% chance of survival but Heavenly Father had other plans in mind:) preemies are a tuff and scary road! My girls were born not breathing or crying & life flighted as well. Noah was a complicated pregnancy as well but we got to take him home. Cesereans suck!! Whoever told you recovery time was better and faster then a vaginal delivery lied!!! My doctor said most women typically take 8-10 weeks to fully heal from a vaginal birth wear as cesereans take a good 4-6 months for your body to really heal up. I love your blog! Addison is pure preciousness!! I never wanted girls but now that I have the twins I couldn't imagine for the life of me why I didn't?!!


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