Virginia City

posted on: Monday, June 25, 2012

John's brother and family came to visit for a few days and with five boys running around the house from dawn until dusk it was quite the adventure. On Sunday afternoon we took the family to a ghost town near Ennis that attracts visitors from near and far. In it's prime Virginia City served as the territorial capital and was renowned for being a gold mining boom town bigger than Denver.  Once the gold diminished from this thriving western metropolis the people soon dispersed leaving behind the skeletal remains of a once flourishing western gold capital. 

Today, tourists are attracted to Virginia City for it's life-like snapshots of the gold boom era, as well as it's rustic appeal and grandeur. With it's distressed wooden boardwalks, old fashion candy shop, and dusty floor saloons this town still bustles with life every summer. What a refreshing afternoon we had--full of roping, buying old fashioned candy, panning for gold, old west family photos, and rustic style cafe lunches.  

Thank you family, you got me out of my pajamas for the day and I was able to work on an awful saltwater sandal tan on my feet. :)


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