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posted on: Monday, July 9, 2012

Oh, heaven help me, I need sleep. Our family left town late last week and I thought that returning back to our normal schedule would be easy. Think again. Since then the wee one has found a knack for staying up all night. John's been sleeping like a champ. On the fourth he got a nasty sunburn so he's been popping Benedryll like it's going out of style. 

And as for myself, I spend a large portion of the night feeding Addy and watching infomercials. How did I not tune into them earlier?  They know exactly how to get to sleep-deprived moms.  I find myself constantly say, "I NEED it! I WANT it! I have that exact problem! Have you seen the ad for perfect tortilla bowl?

I really wish I could write more right now, but I am trying to feed Addy, while simultaneously trying to type with the laptop on my lap. We're a beautiful mess I tell ya. 


  1. I SO want a tortilla bowl! Infomercials are evil! Hope you get some sleep soon.

  2. Mr. Man had to cancel so many infomercial orders for me when I was a raving nursing mother, glad to know I'm not alone! Best of luck. Rent/borrow all the movies you've ever wanted to see... I promise, one day you will sleep through the night and miss holding and nursing your little one.

  3. What a great find-a pay phone!


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