Two Months

posted on: Wednesday, July 18, 2012

There are times when I find it difficult to write to you, as if the words don't do justice in describing how I feel. The gentle cooing of your voice to the grunting in your sleep are all simple attributes that you have developed that I hope will  never fade. Sometimes I lay next to you in bed and wonder what goes through your little mind. Do you still remember heaven, or has that faded with your time here are earth? Do you remember every time your brother has accidentally sat on your head? When you smile in your sleep is it because you are entrenched in a sweet dream? 

I hope that whatever it may be,  that your thoughts are filled with precious memories of love--love from us to you and love for this wonderful life you've been given. My baby girl, you are special in so many ways. So special, in fact, that you have touched my life in way that I never could have imagined. Your sweet spirit makes me want to talk softer, listen more, and love often. 

I love you, my dear. 


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