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posted on: Monday, October 22, 2012

Aren't weekends wonderful?! I've always been told that once your a parent weekends just become like any other day--which is especially true if you're a SAHM. While I agree, I've also begun to cherish the little moments with John as well. He seems more relaxed when his time isn't being stretched between meetings and work at the hospital. The carefree spirit that I fell in love with always seems to reappear on the weekends. Even though I still have to change diapers and clean I always look forward to those free moments I get to steal with him. 

Here are the things I am loving right now.

one//A Christmas gift for Addison
two//Brecken's birthday present in the making
three//a great new blog (even if you don't have children the pictures and content are gaw-jus)!

Happy Monday Friends!


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