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posted on: Monday, October 15, 2012

ONE//By this time of year the snow has usually set itself as a nice blanket across the valley. Unbeknownst to me I woke up to rain this morning (the whole family was already reveling in its wonder by the time I got up)...go figure. Not very noteworthy if you're not from Montana. If you are a Montanan you know how much we cherish every snow"less" day. Even if this "warm" spell only lasts for a few days at least we can take in all that Fall has to offer before Winter makes it often long visit.

TWO//John also fixed my computer, oh that guy can be a miracle worker when the need arises.  Let's just say I have been trying to be extra nice to him since I didn't back up my pictures of Addison and he was able to retrieve all of them.

THREE//On Saturday we braved the elements to take our family pictures. I have only seen one picture so far and I am totally in love with our photographer Amy. If you have a chance check out her facebook page and website. Girl, has some serious talent--and she's freaking gorgeous too!

THREE.HALF//My favorite instagram app right now VSCO


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