To my babes.

posted on: Saturday, December 15, 2012

My beautiful babes,

Yesterday something terrible happened. Twenty small children, not much older than you, and six adults lost their lives. Selfishly, I am thankful you can't comprehend that magnitude of the shooter's actions. Unfortunately, this will not be the last shooting to happen and my hope is that I will be with you to the bare the burden when the next one occurs--whether it be to protect your innocence or to answer the questions that may inundate your little minds.

Yesterday's attack has hit our nation like a fast moving rail car. The death of any human being is tragic, but to have a life taken that hasn't experienced all that the world has to offer is devastating. I am sure many of these parents dropped their children off that day with plans of gingerbread making, caroling and sledding in mind for the weekend. I don't want to speak on their behalf, the notion of trying to comprehend their loss and sadness is something I can't begin to understand, and quite frankly it breaks my heart to their imagine pain.

As you Mother I want you to know that from the moment you were born I made an unspoken promise to always protect you {as I am sure every parent does}. I realize that as you grow I will have to let you go--leave you at kindergarten, hand you the keys to your first car, walk away from your dorm room, give you to another to marry. When each of these milestones take unfolds I will be placing your protection in the hands of another and I pray that our Father in Heaven will stay be your side to lighten your load and protect your precious lives.

Please understand that we live in a world where real evil does exist, but that doesn't mean it has to prevail. While tragedies like this may shake us to the bone, we have the choice to put aside our differences and ask the bigger question of "how can I help?" I understand that my role as your parent is to teach you right from wrong.  Ultimately, I have a duty to make sure you are cultivated into a productive citizen, and with that comes the responsibility to reinforce the notion that the world is not perfect and that you will be faced with many trials and tribulations. I hope you will face these obstacles with open eyes and hearts, knowing that God has a plan. Years from now when you have children of your own I hope you will teach them these same principles as well. While we may never be able to eliminate evil from the world, we can try to live our lives in a way where we help to make it a better place.  You will always be my little angels for now and always.

I will never stop loving you.

p.s.   here is my favorite momma quote...



  1. I've never heard that quote and I LOVE it. In fact, I think it needs to be printed and put in a place where I can see it every day.

    That picture of your kids is awesome.

    This mama has had a rough couple of days. I just can't stop thinking about those poor people. It's hard to take joy in your own children, knowing how much someone else is hurting.

    My prayer before drifting off last night was for those families to be able to find strength in God. And then I told Him that I don't think that I could. I just don't know how I could go on.

    An insane amount of sadness has taken over my heart and that shooter has changed me forever.


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