Ice Fishing

posted on: Thursday, February 21, 2013

Last weekend a break in the sub zero weather gave us an opportunity to take the kids out ice fishing. We were fishing later in the afternoon which isn't the best time for catching anything, but it did give Brecken the opportunity to run and work out his wiggles. Poor little guy has been cooped up for weeks so it was nice for him to stretch his legs and run. And running he did--he really showed no interest in fishing and he was pleasantly content to just run back-and-forth across the pond. Whenever we go out I am always leery having Brecken on the ice, he is so curious and often times he's curiosity puts him directly over the ice holes.  Luckily he was more interested in chasing his shadow that we didn't have to worry about him falling into the water. Addy on the other hand wanted to crawl in the snow, so quarantining her to a chair was less than ideal. When she finally resigned to that fact that she wasn't getting out of the chair she settled on chewing everything in site--hence the picture of the glove in her mouth. Even though we didn't catch any fish, it was so nice to soak up some sun and smell the fresh air. I sometimes forget how rejuvenating a change a scenery can be, even if it is just for a few hours. 

I've also found that my mood is starting to improve, Kambrie thinks I have seasonal depression. I wouldn't argue with that--I am always happier and more delightful to be around when the sun is shining and I can get out of the house. And with the days getting longer I also find myself anxiously awaiting the arrival of Spring. As soon as Mother Nature will all it the jogging stroller will be out again and afternoon dates in the park will start to become our daily routine once more. I guess I owe the credit to dear ol' Punxsatawney Phil, that smart little guy said Spring will be early this year--let's hope he's right! 


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