Typical Day.

posted on: Monday, February 25, 2013

Our wintertime routine has become pretty mundane these days. Almost robotic-like, both babies awake by 7:30, cartoons while I make eggs and green smoothies for breakfast, laundry-doing and train track building all before lunch and if I am lucky enough to put on non-stretchy pants before noon I chalk it up to a productive morning. 

By mid-afternoon when the jitters become too much to handle we venture out to the post office and the grocery store where Brecken takes a few laps up-and-down the food aisles all the while I chase along making sure Miss Grabby Hands stays in the cart. Naps, email checking, and laundry all get done in record time so by dinner I can put my stretchy pants on (again). Dishes, bath time, reading, prayers, and teeth brushing all flow together in an effort to have Brecken tucked into bed nine. And if we're super lucky Addison falls asleep by ten which leaves a hour or so for John and I. Again, if we're lucky...:)

Today's events were not different. Addison wanted a crayon. Brecken gave into her request. Addison then ate the before mentioned crayon. Brecken noticing that the crayon had been chewed into smithereens and proceeded to have a dramatic meltdown while holding the remnants of a once vibrant blue crayon. And as expected Addison enjoyed the spectacle he performed. So basically it was a typical day. 

And did I mention, tomorrow is the special of all special days--Brecken goes to preschool. Which means showering without a little person pulling the shower door open and folding laundry without my piles being destroyed. John and I also have this thing now where we get to sneak in a one-on-one lunch date during Brecken's preschool day as well. I'm sure you can imagine how completely out of my element I now feel when I get to eat a meal without having to feed a baby and cut food for toddler simultaneously  Who knew food was actually served warm...


  1. Believe it or not, I miss those "typical" days.

    Your writing describes it so well.
    And geeze girl... SKINNY!


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