Time with Brecken

posted on: Saturday, March 9, 2013

The last few days have been unseasonably warm and calm, which has been nice (after all, if it's not blowing  here it just seems unnatural). With the erratic behavior of our Montana weather the kids and I have spent the majority of the week outside. We've taken to the streets once again--Addy sits in the stroller while Brecken usually runs along side of me working out a winter's worth of built-up energy.  Once again his eyes have opened to curiosity of great outdoors (there is a wide assortment of pine cones and twigs stashed under my stroller to prove it). And while it may be warm, the vast array of puddles and sticky muddy side streets have become endless hours of entertainment for our little toddler--stomping and slipping, splashing and sliding never seem to cease with excitement (luckily Tide does the trick for the stains).

And if the warm weather wasn't enough, this morning our babes woke bright and early at 6:45. Addison was no match for the time and went down for a seasonably early (and rare) nap at 10. Which left the morning wide open for Brecken and I. As usual, train tracks have been built and dominoes have been made and toppled. With two now, I sometimes forget that it was Brecken and I for so long, this morning was a surprising breath of fresh air reminding me that his little energetic body also needs one-on-one attention occasionally. 

Thanks Saturday for the unexpected and simple moments that you've provided today. Here's to hoping your weekend is splendid as well! 


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