Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

posted on: Saturday, May 18, 2013

I pulled Addy into bed with me extra early this morning. John had gone fishing and Brecken was still sleeping so I took a few quiet moments to nurse her alone. She contently laid there as I scratched her little face all the while silently giggly at the slightest touch. Restlessness soon set in and she started to use my head as her personal pogo stick. Totally normal, right? Once Brecken woke up we puttered around the kitchen and finally ended up eating left over Chinese takeout for breakfast (mother of the year?) Brecken didn't complain and Addy was more then content to throw sticky rice around the dining room. I tried to take in each moment while letting them completely immerse themselves in each other, Brecken laughed hysterically as he made faces, Addy squealed because Brecken stayed just far enough out of reach so she couldn't grab him, and each of them trying with fumble-like fingers to feed the other. It was a simple moment even more than that it was a happy birthday moment. 

The happy-go-lucky atmosphere didn't last long. go figure. Toys snatched out of each other's hands, a favorite sippy cup went MIA, and no sleep the night before all culminated in a very emotionally drained (and tired) baby girl by 9 a.m. I've been silently singing "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to..." for a good portion of the morning. Oh the birthday drama. It's totally a girl thing I assume and it only made me appreciate even more the differences in temperament between my two babies. 

Happy Birthday Addy Mae. You are loved. You are dramatic. You are our baby girl. 


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