My Life: 250 Words or Less

posted on: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've been caught in a rut as of lately. Maybe it's the kids or the lack of sleep but blogging has just turned into a chore that I've kind of started to avoid. Jenni at Story of my Life has this fun little event going on called Blog Ever Day in May. Obviously, I don't need to explain it. 

I nailed it. go ahead count. 

I was born in the Year of the Ox, mesmerizing, yes? Known for being self-confident and obstinate with a twinge of pragmatism running through the veins seems to be the defining features of those born in 1985. As the oldest of four I developed the mothering hen knack at a young age—I was a bonified short stack fire cracker. I never shied away from a fight and even managed to get my first bloody nose by first grade—from a boy no less. To our dismay my parents uprooted our lives in Utah and moved to the vast openness of Montana where we finally settled in the most iconic small town on the Rocky Mountain Front. I even managed to surprise myself when I decided to stay in Montana to attend college. And as luck would have it may have been the best choice I ever made. I met John while he was painting my bathroom (and chasing after my sister). Her loss was my gain? No matter what the case may be we've grown together over the last seven years and after four degrees, two kids, four moves, and a whole slew of takeout meals I still find myself falling for him all over again every day. Cliché, I know. We've had our share of battles, some we've won others we have lost but one thing is for sure, it makes the journey a whole lot better when I have someone else to pin the blame on….joking…or not… 


  1. I've been feeling less than ambitious about blogging lately too. I have ideas, pictures, and stuff to write about, just don't feel like I want to take the time to do it!

  2. I love this! What a great summary.


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