Things are looking up.

posted on: Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Things are looking up around here, in more than one way actually. Throughout the last week or so I've been constantly catching myself staring up at the trees when we take our daily walks down to the park. Geeze these apple trees are mesmerizing,  their blossoms falling to the ground like gentle snow and the buzzing of bees adds a relaxing flare to a chaotic process of pollinating each flower. And just when I thought that it couldn't get much better a late spring storm has made the snow capped mountain peaks glisten against the greenery of the hills. It really is quite the site to behold. 

Come visit. You won't be disappointed. 

//She doesn't give out smiles liberally that's for sure//
We've also been soaking up the Vitamin D like no tomorrow.  For weeks (or maybe even months I suppose) I've  been itching for the smell of green grass and lazy afternoons sitting on the porch. I really am a creature made for warm weather, but alas there is something about this place that tugs at my heart strings even in the dead of winter and somehow it pulls me back in with its wondrous Spring-time treasures. 

For those that know me well it's been a difficult adjustment moving back to a small town and Sunday marked our one-year "moving" anniversary. The people are friendly and the extra time with my family has been such a blessing. My personality on the other hand has always craved movement and a more fast approach to life with little regard for schedules. We live however, in the epitome of Grassroots America--small quiet streets, one grocery store, and a Dairy Queen-like restaurant that is open oply seven months out of the year. All of which have seemed to pull my life into a sort of daily (and dare I say, mundane) rhythm. And for someone who loses interest in routines I've found it to be a bit more difficult to adjust.  So I've had to change--I've learned to need less (that hasn't diminished my love of online shopping though) while also  finding solace for simple moments in life. And the quietness. It's really quiet. 

The awakening of Spring has helped to change our routine as well. The kids has found a new appreciation for all things outdoors and the dirtiness of each day has proven that playing outside is hard work. The lilacs have also come back in full-force. Their smell has taken me back to my childhood in Utah and to our pretend tea parties where lilac soup was the entree' of choice. Bush upon bush line the streets and the overwhelming smell seems to always brighten my spirit. I'm sure everyone says this but you would be hard pressed to find another place that marvels Montana in beauty. 

I think I am starting to like it here. But let's just keep that between you and me...

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