6 years.

posted on: Monday, June 10, 2013

On Saturday, John and I celebrated our 6th anniversary and you'd have thought that after all this time we would actually know how to take pictures with one another. Affirmative "NO" on that. We've really nailed the whole awkward family photo thing. I mean. AWKWARD. 

I'm going to gush about John for a minute. I wish you had a John, not mine but one like him. On Saturday we were both super busy. He was heading up the health fair for the hospital and I was recovering from two full days of events in preparation for Relay For Life so by the time Saturday came along we were both spent. In the afternoon we attended a couples seminar about improving relationships (it was a work thing). I can't make this stuff up, that's really what we did on a 80* Saturday afternoon. Anyway, the seminar turned out to be fun. After dating, kids, moving, job changes, and the world's longest road trips through Wyoming (if you've ever driven through Wyoming you'll understand) I thought I knew everything about John, I mean the guy is an open book.  Surprisingly enough I left the seminar feeling as if there were so many things that I didn't know about my husband. Luckily, I also walked away a bit more relieved that our differences may actually be the very threads that hold us together. sigh (I told you it would be gushy).

Well, this guy has really has gotten better with age (kind of like cheese or wine...not sure he would appreciate the comparison)--he's reliable and caring and uses his actions more than words to show his true feelings, those were some of the qualities that use to drive me a bit batty at times, but now I see that the young me may have just fallen for those very things.

Happy Anniversary Johnny b. I think I will keep you around for another six years if you'll let me. I love you.


  1. Even though it was a couple days ago, Happy Anniversary! I know there will be many more to come in your future :)

  2. Congrats you two! Isn't it bizarre how the longer you are together the less you seem to know? Ty and I have been together for nine and he still manages to surprise me with hie weirdness :)

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