An afternoon on the tarmac

posted on: Monday, July 22, 2013

My kids suffered a severe case of the jitters when we took them to the air show on Saturday.  Brecken practically peed himself with excitement and if you knew me well or have at least read this blog for awhile you know that it doesn't make much for me to pee my pants, so unfortunately that gene was carried down to my poor kid (thank goodness he's not a girl?....) 

Anyway, the air show. For our little town of 1,000 people they put on quite the show. I'll give credit to my string bean broham (aka brother-in-law) he led the charge on putting the whole thing together. And it turned out ah-mazing! Seriously, I'm like a broken record when I say this but we're like a traveling circus wherever we go. Between my family, John's brother's family, Kam, Kelty, and Kambrie's husbands family we were like our own Mormon Mafia on the tarmac. Now trying repeating that sentence in one breathe. 

To say the least it was a great weekend. More to report on for sure but it really turned out to be so fun while also completely exhausting. As all fun should be, right? And let me just apologize for the randomness of my posts lately. This summer, well it's been great, I'm not pregnant and I have babies that can actually walk and move and play in the sun for hours on end so that's what we've been doing--playing, and playing, and playing. And eating Otterpops by the box full....

Love you. 


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