The mundane.

posted on: Monday, July 1, 2013

We've taken this whole stay-in-pajamas-all-day-long-mantra a little too seriously. Honestly, our new found laziness has been a bit of a relief. Lots of cartoons and late morning breakfast dates in bed have become commonplace around here. These kids of ours haven't seemed to mind though, pajamas-wearing until two in the afternoon (noted in the picture above) and plenty of Popsicles for breakfast (I know, Mom of the Year right here) have turned them into the world's happiest campers.

The absence of Internet perusing and hours spent typing away opened my day to lots of little projects that have always been idly waiting on the back burner. You know, like mating all the socks and finally throwing away the unfortunate mismatched ones that have been lingering around our laundry room for the past year. Then I got a little energetic one day and tackled the garage, took up mowing the lawn by myself, and even "tried" to plant a few succulents (no green thumb here). On a happier note, and to the excitement of John I even busted out a few new recipes that had been lingering on my Pinterest boards. I've been a list-makin', task-checking fool as of lately.

Seriously, I wish I had more exciting news, but we really were the epitome of mundane. But we're back and ready to try this whole succulent-business again. I hear they're hearty little suckers, but they defeated me.



  1. Hmmm, succulents are one thing I haven't tried my hand at yet. And I hear you on the mundane...our days have consisted of getting up, making lunch for Pat, he goes to the field or to haul grain, I go to work. Come home, do chores. Make dinner. Back out to the field. Come home and go to bed. Sometime in there I try to get my house clean and laundry done..but that's a rare occasion these days!

  2. I am so terrified of planting succulents. Haha. I see them all the time on Pinterest though!


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