Denver Zoo

posted on: Wednesday, August 7, 2013

We spent the better part of last in Denver for a family wedding. It was called a vacation, but the kids erratic sleeping patterns and a good dose of heat rash/heat exhaustion led to some long days and even loooonger nights, which in my mind completely cancels out the word "vacation" to then be replaced with the more appropriate term of lets-all-make-it-home-alive. But I'm sure all family vacations end with a good threat of never traveling again...

Zoo. The Denver Zoo. where do I begin?

We like the zoo. And we like visiting on 90* degree days. Seems fitting I suppose. And now that we're home I have a inkling suspicion that the heat exhausting/heat rash all stemmed from our little zoo trip. No matter the case, our kids are animal mongers. They thrive on the excitement of any animal they can get their little paws around, I mean really ANY animal. And the zoo has always been a great place to see the animals from a distance and not have to worry about the after effects of Brecken going into a full-on asthma attack. It's kind of like the best dream ever for this Mom. 

And usually when we go to the zoo I am pretty good with the hotness and I can tolerate a good dose of body sweat but, a big BUT, our day at the zoo was bru-tal. No amount of ICEE induced coma could cool our bodies, and the skinny jeans were causing a serious "swaz" issue in all the wrong places. Not to mention the radiating heat coming from the concrete all added to one-hot-motha' of a day. Our only saving grace was the Gorilla observatory and spending the good time staring at the sleeping Hyenas, which if you've never seen one they are surprisingly big (not like the little yappy things in the Lion King), and consuming $50 dollars worth of liquid which I'm sure is the reason that all zoo's stay in business.

Anyway. Denver Zoo, invest in some of those nice water spray fans I promise you will make every Momma happy (this one included). 


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