The ridiculous act of picture taking

posted on: Tuesday, August 27, 2013

When we were little my Mom would make us pose at destinations around the country for our obligatory "I-was-here" picture. doo-zies, I tell ya!  Remind me to show you the one from Copper Mountain, Colorado, sometime, I instantaneously coined the phrase "big hair don't care" in that one. Anyway, my sweet Mom would call the day a success if she could get one of us to smile or at the very least be facing towards the camera.

Annnnd flash forward to our teen years, it was the same scenario but with a resonating I-hate-this-and-why-are-we-in-ridiculously-matching-outfits undertone attached to each family portrait.  Did I mention the pictures still wreak of teenage estrogen and tears of self-pity and loathing to this day? We were a sad and dramatic bunch of girls. My poor little brother had no choice other than to submit himself to years of a tortured existence with three older sisters... 

And then I had kids of my own and now I understand. Holy hell it's hard to photograph kids. And as luck would have it mine are no different than any other baby out there--hyped up on sugar and wired to run as soon as the camera comes out. #gofigure

The point is I end up taking hundred no looking/screaming/zombie gazed/picking the nose pictures for every gem in the rough. It has crossed my mind a few times to start a Tumbler feed dedicated to the awful pictures of my kids. Because lets be real, the awful ones sometimes are way better then the perfect pictures.

Gosh, thank goodness this sort of technology wasn't around twenty years ago or who knows what my parents would have posted...


  1. LOL - I laughed out loud at the one of her on the ground. We should start a blog of JUST bad kid pictures. :)

  2. I think it's hard work taking any pictures-you have to take SO many just so you can pick out a couple of good ones!

  3. OK, I have the EXACT same problem with my kids. And I've seriously contemplated just posting the bad ones on the ol' blog, because that's typically the reason why I don't update takes way too much time and effort to get some good ones. These ones of your kids are priceless. I'm not gonna lie, I totally giggled at the last 2. :) They're so stinkin' cute!


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