Finding a Taco.

posted on: Friday, September 27, 2013

||gah, I hate it when the best pictures are out-of-focus|| tear. 
These kids. Gosh I love them, but this last week has been one for the books. And I mean "theee books." Colds, coughs, and a bad case of the I-will-throw-every-single-toy-away-so-help-me just made for one long week. And to top it all of yesterday I was digging in my purse and I found a taco, yes a taco. A taco that I purchased last week in fact. And it still looked relatively edible, which in itself has me questioning our choice of eateries.

And just so this post has some relationship to the photos above a few weeks ago we took a little drive to one of John's colleagues homes so the kids to see all her baby animals  when the weather was still warm and the snow hadn't yet blanketed the mountains. There really are not words to describe the majestic beauty of her home. It's deep in the canyon and rests high on the mountainside giving her one of the million dollar views. And unfortunately I only had my 50mm lens so catching the beauty of it all was a bit impossible.  bummer.

This occasion, like many others, made us realize that Brecken thrives when he has room to run. He little body has the biggest personality and sometimes letting him explore and figure out the world through his own fingertips seems to somehow sooth his explosive soul. He really was in his mecca of choice. Animals to feed and the prettiest blue and brown eggs to gather made his eyes glow with wonder. Addy on the other hand has always been a bit more reserved, less likely to run away and always looks to us for reassurance before petting an animal or going out on her own. 

Their personalities never seem to clash with one another but seem to compliment each other in the areas they need most--Brecken helps his sister explore and his big caring heart always seems aware of her shyness and need for extra love and gentleness. Addy's personality is more nurturing and she'll often lay next to Brecken on the couch softly caressing his hair, which seems to be one of the only times other than sleeping where he'll remain motionless. Ironic, I think not. And I crave those times where they seem to dote on one another, what mother wouldn't?

It was a good day, and here's to more of them this Fall (which in our case Fall lasted approximately 4.5 days then the snow hit). And here's to no more taco-shenanigans in my purse.  


  1. I totally thought you were gonna say you ate the taco. LOL I might have. Just sayin'.
    That sounds, and looks, like an amazing piece of property.
    How in the HECK do you make her keep those little pony tails in?! My little one rips them out the second I get the last wrap around. Monster. If she knew everyone referred to her as "him" anytime I took her anywhere (even when she's in head to toe pink) maybe she'd leave the damn barrettes and rubberbands in her hair!

  2. I remember those days...... enjoy them the problems aren't as funny as they get older :)

  3. i was parusing (is that a word?) your cute blog (love the purse!!!) and was startled by this post's photos! this is the ranch my husband and i live at! ed is the ranch manager for jon and dottie! small world :) we will have to have the kids over when our goats kid in spring, they will LOVE LOVE LOVE the goat kids!

    1. OH this is katie from art class!!! :)

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