Labor Day

posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Growing up the first week of September meant the beginning of the end of rodeo season, the wearing of black hats, greasy burgers, and miles on the road. This year I packed this kids into the car and took them home to watch my Dad participate in a local ranch rodeo. I haven't rodeod in years, but it's still like second nature to me. You know what I mean? Maybe not about rodeoing, but having a passion that's so strong that no matter how far you are removed from it you could easily pick it up again as if you never stopped.   And ironically, even though we live in a small ranching community the opportunity for the kids to ride horses is somewhat limited and at times it makes me sad knowing that some of my most cherished experiences may never be experienced by my own babes.

Anyway, John's parents also believe in the literal meaning of being laborious on Labor Day. We (not me, I was chasing kids) spent the better part of a night picking apples from their orchard, dividing the good from the bad, cutting out worm holes, and pressing to making juice. Have you ever made homemade apple juice before? Really, the experience was less about making juice and more about the time we got to spend as family. I feel so blessed to have been born in and married to such amazing families. I mean I really scored in that department. Like won the lottery kind of lucky.

Anyway (again, geeze). So we're not much of the organic eaters. I mean, I'll buy some organic things, but I'm not one of those fanatics (yes, I call them that) that have organic eggs, milk, cheese, cereal, soap, cheese, crackers...underwear (or not). I still feed my kids Kraft Mac n' Cheese and I occasionally pop through McDonald's when I'm in a rush. But I'm a huge fun of locally-grown especially when we've labored to help grow such foods. Being able to then drink apple juice that we had picked and pressed was such a fun lesson to teach Brecken about living off the land. 

And even though my these little babes of mine may not have the same experiences as me I am so thankful that I get to raise them in a place where family comes first and where a love of the land is a way of life.

Come to Montana, you'll see.

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