A few random thoughts on so and so...

posted on: Monday, October 28, 2013

1. My computer kicked the bucket and in my constant state of procrastination I put off buying a new one again AND again AND maybe again. When I finally ended up ordering a new one it got delayed somewhere between Virginia and Montana it finally got here a whooping 18 days later. go figure.

2. I got bangs. Lots of bangs. And a bombin' ombre hairstyle ta-boot. The first week was full of mixed feelings, cutters remorse and pinning those short little suckers back. Now, I'm adjusting and I kind of like them. I feel hip, if that's still possible.

3. I'm on the hunt for ankle boots. The options are endless I might add. Which has resulted into a oxford leather overload and no actual purchase of the before mentioned boots. Suggestions for a 5'2'' short fry are welcomed.

4. My overindulging side has started to kick in. I blame it on the cooler weather and the baggy-sweater wearing season. Whatever the case, I found a new favorite treat. Caramels are not usually my go-to treat but these Celtic sea salt morsels of heaven may be the end of me. It's kind of like caramel corn minus the corn. could you even imagine.


  1. Hey I want pictures of your hair!...I mean pretty please show us your awesome new hair :) And cheers to overindulging

  2. I usually don't have a sweet tooth, but this pregnancy is turning my into a major choc-a-holic and craving anything sweet! I might just have to try said caramels...

  3. Oh my GOSH, could that picture BE any sweeter?!?! And I second the hair pic vote.


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