Let's talk about weather.

posted on: Monday, October 7, 2013

All things considered summer was really good to us. Traveling, fun adventures, babies old enough to hold their own, and a whole slew of other factors made the past four months comparatively easy. And like a broken record the ending of summer always makes me a bit anxious, like I didn't use my time as wisely as possible or I didn't appreciate every morsel of what it had to offer.  

But the welcoming of fall is awfully alluring after weeks of travel and the constant berating of the summer sun. The cooler nights and the opportunity to finally wear boots and beanies are always warmly greeted around these parts. And fall food, well it's the best (don't bother arguing against it, because it really is) it's totally comfort-meets-easy with lots of Crockpot dishes and soups. John is not much for soup (or the Crockpot) so it's about the only time of year where I can actually get away with serving it as a meal and even then I am pushing my food boundaries. 

Gosh, I feel like I talk about the weather in Montana a lot. I promise there really is more to my life than checking the barometer. There's this long standing joke and yes it is about the weather that Montana has two seasons: winter and road construction.  If the road construction doesn't ruin a windshield it can pretty much be taken care of by the gravel on the road during the winter. All joking aside, Mother Nature's temper tantrum last week was manifested in a whopper of a snow storm. I really shouldn't complain, even though the Interstate and parts of the valley got nearly two feet of snow our storm was nothing compared to what hit the Dakotas and Wyoming. If you have a chance send an extra prayer their way, especially for the agriculture community who was hit hard by such a devastating blizzard. 

For us, the sun finally came out after three days and by mid-afternoon all signs of snow had all but vanished leaving behind a ghastly sight of broken trees and branches still full of summer foliage. And ironically enough it's been forecast that we would have an Indian Summer this fall, but I'm beginning to have my doubts... ;)

On a happier note, it's officially boot season, hot chocolate mornings, and no-shave November if I was into that sort of thing and all... 

Fall (and winter) have officially arrived!


  1. I envy your weather. This is absolutely breathtaking!! And you are a BEAUTIFUL writer. Adore you!

  2. Hey, as a fellow Montanan, I know that sometimes the only thing our lives revolve around IS the weather! I've come to the realization that I'm definitely more of a cool weather person-I prefer that over the hot weather any day!

  3. Are you kidding me right now? That's just ridiculous.


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