Christmas 2013

posted on: Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas was on a completely different scale this year than years past. And not so much in the way of so-busy-my-head-my-burst-catergory. It was more along the lines of laid-back, should we make breakfast at three in the afternoon kind of way. Which was so refreshing. Annnnnd it was also our first Christmas where we were all on our lonesome. A scary thought at first, but totally worth having the kids sleep-in (yes!) in their own beds.

 It was fun making Christmas traditions for ourselves. And it was even more fun mixing both of our traditions from our families--Christmas pjs, sugar cooking-making for Santa, coconut shrimp for Christmas Eve, Secret Santa door bell ditching, Christmas lightshow perusing, and ringing a bell Christmas morning. It was kind of jam packed that when we went to bed that night we had completely forgotten about watching a Christmas movie with the kids before bed, John merely remarked that there was no way we were keeping the kids up until midnight (um, I disagree--the longer they're up the later they sleep)? And along with all the traditions I gained a new appreciation for my Mom-- how did she stuff the stocking so perfectly?! I believe the orange in the toe is the kicker.

We decided early on this year that we wanted our little family Christmas to be simple. Less gifts equals less wrapping (and clean-up), which is a win for me because I end up doing both. It didn't matter though because once both kids found their toy of choice (Brecken-Angry Birds, Addy-baby doll) there wasn't really any desire to unwrap any other gifts. Ironically, I spent most my time unwrapping all the gifts I had wrapped the night before... ;)
Later that afternoon we spent time with John's family, sledding, and eating, and unwrapping gifts, annnd eating again because it's just the way we are. We also had a white elephant gift exchange.  everyone was coming off a sugar-high and a prime rib induced food coma which all culminated into lamp shade wearing, cowboy hate toting hysteria. you had to have been there. We came home with cookies cutters and Depends....
Christmas, you were good. And you brought us lots of memories. Until next year friend.


  1. We enjoyed a much simpler Christmas also. All our kids are 17 and up, and they don't expect the Christmas full of gifts, which was great. But at the last minute I started panicking thinking I hadn't done enough...I calmed down tho and it was fine... your pictures are beautiful. Looks like a perfect Christmas to me.

  2. We put oranges in the toes, too. :) I love your posts.


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