His birthday. a month late.

posted on: Tuesday, December 10, 2013

So Brecken's birthday was over a month ago and I just now realized that I never posted his party. This kid. I could write a book about him and all the things that come out of his mouth. Just this morning he went and laid on the couch and said, "Maaaa, come cuddle me and stare at the beautiful Christmas tree." I mean who could turn that down. But as soon as I laid next to him he said "Maaa! I need your phone to make me feel better." right. It's all about priorities.
And remember the life size Angry Birds display John built? I posted it on Instagram. Well we set it up in the garage for his birthday and the kids were entertained for hours and the gobs of candy and chocolate I shoved down their throats made me an obvious hit with their parents.
My kid is four. Four! Which makes me feel old and it makes me really appreciate the miracle and resilience of kids because I've never been able to keep a plant alive yet we've somehow mastered parenting which is kind of ah-mazing.
Happy (late-late) Birthday kid, you're cool and I really like that.


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