itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny, turquoise polka-dot bikini*

posted on: Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Oh, today my heart skipped a beat or two when I got the mail. Delivered especially for ME today was a package containing a new swimsuit. I am not one for buying swim suits or even one to wear a swim suit, but Lime Ricki hands down has the BEST selection.

Everyone I know seems to have a Lime Ricki swimsuit and well lets face it...if everyone jumped off a bridge into a deep murky mist below I would follow, so I jumped on the band wagon and bought a new suit for myself and lets just say love happened.

Oh how I love the deep turquoise color and the vibrant pink, BUT even more importantly....hold it, hold it....

the tankini actually sucks in my post-prego gut. Now, I know most of you are like 105 lbs and six feet tall, but I originate from a small clan of hobbits so even a tic-tac shows when I eat one.

Now, that I have bought one I need another. I can already see myself in a brown polka-dot swim suit soaking up the sun, while Hunk leans over me and says, "WE DON"T COME TO HAWAII TO TAN, IF YOU WANT TO TAN YOU CAN DO IT IN MONTANA"...Oh, well it was a nice thought imagining how great paradise would be ;)

DISCLAIMER: My little sis, who of course is up on the latest fashion, told me that if you do order the one piece make sure to get it a size smaller then you normally would...just sayin' case you were wondering


  1. YEAAAA!!!!! I'm so excited you got a new swimsuit! Seriously, makes my day. And I was actually thinking of getting the one you got. I flippin LOVE Lime Ricki...and I love being the trendy little sister. booya.

  2. How funny! I bought my Lime Ricki swim suit last April! It is black and yellow and I LOVE it!!!


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