Light it Up!

posted on: Monday, August 9, 2010

I love lamps. Oh, how they brighten a room. My deal-e-o is that I am cheap, and most lamps are highly over-priced. So my challenge was to turn my run-of-the-mill, everyday lamps into something eye-popping!

I took a white lamp shade from Target and with a few simple tricks it was transformed...

...into this.

To get this look. I took the left-over stickers from the center of a cd label making kit and stuck them all over the lamp shade. I then used Krylon spray paint to cover they shade.

For the next lamp shade. I covered the lamp with paper doilies and then spray painted over the doilies with Krylon Ocean Break.

**The key to making the doilies stay in place while spray painting is to stick them onto the lampshade with double-sided tape.

It seems that fabric rosettes are a hot-ticket item these days. I decided to replicate the idea on this lamp shade.

To get this look I followed a few simple steps:
*I cut up an old white shirt or cloth
*I then cut the strips into 1.5" sections
*Once the strips were cut I tied one end into a knot
*Using the glue gun I put a small dot of glue onto the lamp shade
*I then stuck the knot onto the glue and then begin to twist the cloth around the knot, I then glued periodically.
*Once I finished the first rosette, I then repeated the process over and over again until the lamp shade was completely covered.

And the cost to re-due three white lamp shades into three rockin' living room accessories....drum roll... under $10!


  1. I want the lace doily lamp...and you need to show me (in person) how to make the fabric flowers!

  2. What great ideas. I just picked up some lamps off of Craigslist and I am going to have to give your spray paint idea a try! Thanks!!! :)


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