{Giveaway} Spunky Junky Necklace

posted on: Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I love giveaways. So, folks I only think that it is right that my first giveaway should be from me...to you. The best part about this giveaway is that you get to pick out your OWN necklace. Just bop on over to the Spunky  Junky Facebook page to see your choices (look in the pictures).... 

So here is how you can become the wiener (I am using my Despicable Me accent right now...as I rub my hands together with a crazy, wild look on my face)! bahaha!
In order to be eligible for a necklace (of your choice) from Spunky Junky you need to do a few things:

* become a Fan of the Spunky Junky Facebook page
*become a follower of the Spunky Junky blog
*Leave a comment under this post telling why Fall rocks where you live!

The winner will then be chosen on Sunday at 6 MST.

Good Luck ya'll!


  1. Hey Neighbor! I've been creepy stalking your blog, and your facebook, which is dumb since you live just right over there <----. but anyway, i'm loving all the stuff you've got going on! so enter me in your drawing- puh-lease!

  2. I like fall where I live because I can still lay by the pool and go trick or treating without snow! Yippee for AZ- Cute blog Hals! I hope I win one of your stylin' necklaces!-Kansas

  3. I like the lighting of fall. Early evening when the sun is about to set and everything has that yellow-ish glow. Ah, I love it. :) And I love YOU.

  4. I love Fall in Bozeman! Its my favorite season, because of the bautiful trees we have in the valley! I also love taking walks in the brisk air! HALLOWEEN is my FAVORITE holiday ever too!

  5. I love fall in Bountiful Utah because the whole mountain is ablaze with red & yellow. This goes so well with all the cool Halloween decor, and the air smells so crisp. Love Fall

  6. Two words

    "Pumpkin Pie"

    followed by loads of whipping cream


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